Carley First Birthday | Evans, GA Children Photographer

I honestly can’t believe it is time to do this post!  I feel like it was yesterday I was sitting at the hospital all day and night waiting to meet this precious baby girl.  I might be a little biased when I say she is the most beautiful gift from God!   My niece turned a year old last week and we had a fun photo shoot planned and a birthday party.   Carley absolutely LOVES Strawberry Shortcake, and so her birthday party was all things Strawberry Shortcake!   We had the best time with family and friends celebrating this first year for Carley, and even though she feel asleep before the party was over, i’m pretty sure she enjoyed herself!   Carley was very dainty during the cake smash part of the party and I really believe it was because she had a lot of people there and wanted to be a lady!   The week before when we did her first birthday photo shoot, she wasn’t very dainty!  Those pictures are at the bottom of this post and they are priceless!

Ryan and Laura Ann, ya’ll have done such a great job raising this beautiful girl this past year and we (our whole family) are so blessed to have her and ya’ll in our lives.  We pray for Carley daily and also both of you as you raise her.   Now, before I go get emotional over here… let’s move on to the pictures!

Last thing, if you are interested in having your child’s first birthday documented or need a fun photographer for any other shoot please contact us here.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Strawberry Baskets and Straws – Shoppe 3130   (Local Augusta GA etsy shop that has some of the coolest things)

Food Table Cards – Kimberly S. Busby Photography

First Birthday Wreath –  Laura Ann  You can contact us to make you a personalized one on our etsy store!



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