Why are Engagement Sessions Important?

Why are engagement sessions important, you ask?  I believe an engagement session works in a positive way for both the couple and the photographer.  It gives the couple a chance to get to know the photographer and it helps them to relax in front of the lens, and be able to then enjoy their wedding day.  It helps the photographer to see the best angles, best posing, and get to know the couple in front of the camera.  My engagement sessions are fun, laid back, and tell your guy it won’t be painful!  I always make sure that we incorporate the things that make each couple unique and not so posed you feel like you are at the portrait studio you went to growing up!  We usually schedule e-sessions two to eight months out.

We tend to photograph couples in two to three different outfits and they can pick two to three locations.  Most couples pick a casual outfit (jeans and cute top for the girl and button down for the guy), and then something special to the couple (jerseys, collegiate apparel, hobby props).

We also welcome and love to have pets come to the photo shoots!  Most of the time they are your family, so why not include them!

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