Do I need Two Photographers for My Wedding?

One of the top questions I get asked, is do I need two photographers for my wedding.  Because I believe in having two photographers so much, I make this decision easy for my brides!  I include two photographers in all of my collections.  The second photographer I use, is someone that has the same style as I do, and has worked for me in the past.  Two photographers make the day run much smoother, and you get twice as many photos!  With two photographers, we are able to capture all of the special spur of the moment times that make your day unique!


Since there will be two photographers, this is what a typical wedding day usually involves.  Kimberly will be staying with the bride and bridesmaids as they get ready.  She will also photograph the bridal details (dress, shoes, jewelry) and the bride with her bridal party.  The second photographer stays with the groom and groomsmen as they get ready. The second photographer also captures the venue details (church, outdoor locations, flowers, programs), and photographs the groom with his party.  During the ceremony, both photographers will be capturing the service.  We always obey the church and venue rules.  We do not use flash during the ceremony and always stay in the back.  We are able to capture everything we need and do not need to interrupt the ceremony.    When it is time for family formals, Kimberly will photograph all family formals.  During the  reception, both photographers are near by and capturing every special moment.  Most of our collections include photography until the end of the reception.  We leave when you leave!

If you are interested in meeting for a coffee (or tea) and chatting about your wedding day, please head over to our contact page.  We can’t wait to hear from you and find out all about your wedding day plans.




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