Athens Ga Engagement Session | Jenna and Sam

Sam has a brother and Jenna has a father.  Sam’s brother needed a military recommendation a few years back.  He quickly thought of his Boy Scout leader as a great person to have write a recommendation.  Jenna’s dad said he would write the recommendation, if Jim (Sam’s brother) would take his daughter to the annual Army Navy game (Jenna is a huge football fan).  Jim agreed and decided it would be best to meet Jenna before they went to the game.  This is when Sam and Jenna’s relationship starts!   Jim brought Sam with him to meet this girl during Thanksgiving break and it was probably love at first sight for Sam.  Sam and Jenna became friends and after years of driving and flying to see each other they will be married next summer!

Jenna and Sam decided to have their engagement session start at the stables where Jenna had her horse in Athens, and then finish the session in Downtown Athens.  We had a great time out in the fields and then in downtown.  I can’t wait until their wedding this coming June at Vinewood Plantation.

Please enjoy these engagement pictures and if you are interested in booking your own session, please click here to contact me!

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